Sex Video

Extra Than Meets The Eye


Meet Claire, a 21-year-old hotty pie who’s as healthy as a trash of cantaloupes at a church fundraiser.

No longer! This LA kinkster is sloppy, crazy and well-prepped to nail on the droplet of a hat. Listed below are some highlights from our short interview with Claire.

What sort of meetings do you favor to move on?
I do not cross on a pile of meetings, however I assume I might like to move get some dope meals after which get facefucked till I sob.

What are your sexual cravings?
A supah darkish and filthy gang-bang with the worst other people possible.

How a lot do you jack?
5 occasions an afternoon, very likely.

What sexually sates you the finest?
Getting peed on.

It seems like you are into some truly crazy lovemaking. What is the maximum vanilla factor about your lovemaking lifestyles?
My dearest stance is missionary as a result of I love eye touch.

Date: May 14, 2022